Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 Challenges!

I had been tossing an idea for a challenge around, but alas, someone else had the exact same idea. So upon looking for challenges to participate in, I found some great ones. Click any of the buttons to go to the challenge site.

Find free ebooks and read at least 12 by the end of 2011. There are drawings each month based on how many reviews you publish. Hosted by The Unread Reader. I am getting a Kindle for Christmas, so I thought this would be a really fun way to start the year.

Read at least 3 fantasy novels by the end of 2011. This challenge has been ongoing for a few years, but this year it will be hosted at Darlyn & Books. Needless to say this challenge will be fairly easy for me, so I'll be trying for the top level (Obsessed) with 20 books. In 2012, there will be 3 prize winners, and the winners' choice of $10 book prize will come from the other reviews.


 Brush the cobwebs aside,
Pull the book from the shelf.
Blow the dust off the cover,
Then immerse yourself.

Write up a list of dusty volumes, books written before 1960, that you hope to read in 2011. You are allowed to change the list whenever you need to, though. This challenge is hosted by Midnyte Reader. There will be giveaways, and there are ways to earn more entries. I'm looking forward to reading older books that I've been wanting to tackle for awhile, and I hope to add more to the list later.

Here is my list of dusty volumes for 2011:
Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake (1946)
Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier (1938)
Katherine by Anya Seyton (1954)
Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons (1932)

This is the same idea for a challenge I had, so I simply had to participate. :-) The challenge is to reread a book that you have read before and review it. The challenge goes from 1 to 20 books, so there are a lot of options, and there will be prize drawings every 3 months. This challenge is hosted by Midnight Book Girl.

If you are participating in any of these, please comment so I can look for your reviews and entries!


Darlyn said...

Thanks for joining! That's quite a long list but i think you will make it!good luck!

Missie said...

Yay on the Kindle for X-mas! I hope you love it as much as I love mine!

Thanks for joining the challenge. I think it will be fun, and I look forward to reading your challenge reviews.

Kate said...

Thanks for joining my Read Me Baby, 1 More Time challenge. I'm also doing the Show Me the Free challenge too. :)

Midnyte Reader said...

Hey, thanks for signing up for my challenge. And now I've found the Fantasy Challenge on your post. Excellent!

Escapist said...

Yay! I'll see you guys around :)

maischeph said...

These look like fun! Haven't done any challenges whatsoever yet. Thinking I should. If only I'd done Dusty Volumes THIS year, it would've been quite a list based on my last two semesters.

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