At the bottom of all my posts, you will see this. Here's what I'm looking for in each category.

Bottom Line
Overall Rating: Overall, out of 5 total points, how I would rate this book.
1=hated it
2=didn't like it
3=it was ok
4=really liked it
5=loved it
Buy or Try? Is this a book you should buy or a book to get from the library.
More? Trilogy, Duology, Stand-alone...how many are in the series?
These are numerical ratings, how I would rate the quality of each of these elements.
Plot: - / 5
Setting: - / 5
Characters: - / 5, It's important to note this is not necessarily how much I liked the characters. Some well-written characters are very unlikeable. :)
Pace: Slow, Middlin' or Fast
Descriptiveness: Prose, Middlin', Poetry
Fantasy factor: Not fantasy, magical realism, low, high

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